Liz Acosta
Social / Design / Marketing


Direct yet conceptual. Provocative and engaging. Design meets illustration to transform branding, marketing, and content.


Liz Acosta

I majored in Graphic Design at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. After graduating, I wanted to broaden and explore all that design could be. I worked at a digital agency specializing in website and apps for a few years and spent most of my free time painting and baking. I like to switch it up a bit to keep things fresh and those creative juices flowing!

Eventually, I wanted to explore and challenge myself by moving somewhere completely different, the wild, wild west. When I got out to Arizona, I decided to take a chance and give the world of t-shirt design a try. Plus, I've always been curious as to what all goes into making my everyday go-to piece. I learned everything from what makes a great design, to prepping the artwork for the screens, to understanding layering and working on different fabrics textures. I worked a little bit with embroidery as well.

During this time, I also worked at a bakery where I took my baking passion to the next level. My team and I created hundreds of beautiful cupcakes every day! At the bakery, I learned precision, speed, and aesthetics, as well as customer service while working in a high-stress environment.

After my time at the t-shirt company and the cupcake bakery, I found a local marketing agency that has been a Phoenix staple for over 20 years. It was here where my social media and marketing experience started to take form. I started as a designer doing logo/branding, print materials, and websites. The company began to evolve and develop an online marketing department. This where I come in! I refined my design skill set to fit the social media and online advertising world better and am now the Director of Online Advertising. 

For me, all these experiences, though very different from each other, helped develop the many layers to who I am. I can't wait to dive into my next adventure.